For so many in Israel,

Their lives have been turned upside down.

The emotional strain is impossible to describe.

Our People’s Dire Situation

Parents of Displaced Families
Parents and wives of soldiers in combat
Recently unemployed Israelis
0 +
Grieving parents of fallen soldiers and victims of terror

You can't make it all go away but there is something great you can do.

You can soften the trauma of our beautiful brothers and sisters by getting them the emotional support they need.

It’s a day to day battle.

Your help will:

Keep families together.

Give women a compassionate listening ear.

Give warmth and compassion to parents that have kids in combat.

Be an anchor of support for displaced families. 

Help mothers and father get support so that they can show up for their children. 

Offer vital stable human connection to Israelis suffering from PTSD.

Our coaches and therapists are all volunteers.

your contribution will help us get this program to as many people as possible

How you can make an impact


Set up new relationship between a coach/therapist and someone in need. Support them with unconditional love.


Pay for 3 people to get set up with personal, ongoing therapeutic support.This will impact their entire family structure.


Help an entire family get coaching or therapy as they adjust to serious changes in their lives.


Support our program that will help hundreds of people get help It takes considerable effort to pair people up under these delicate conditions. Please help us do our job with excellence and sensitivity.


Bring Shalom Bayis to a couple as they are held with the grief support they need. Bring their lives stability as they get coached to find their strength, resources, and love during these hard times.


Bring this program to thousands of Israelis as an avenue for help. Your donation will take this from an effort, to a movement. Jews all around the world are looking for ways to help and contribute and because of your donation they will be matched with a real time opportunity to give.

Thank you to Ben Tripp for his sponsorship and encouragement for this project.